Who we are

We are a leading pharma consulting and pharma products promotion firm, in the health care industry for the Greek market. We are also a Pharmaceutical company specializing in co-promotion and sales promotion of pharmaceutical products to HCP’s.

We have special, exclusive, and proven methodologies, innovative tools and practical knowledge, resulting from combination of experiences and discoveries. Our consultants and communication agents vast experience, in the relationship marketing - product promotion projects derives from years of every day practice. From simple product promotions, to sophisticated customer profiling programs, and handling of successful communication with thousands health care professionals in virtually every medical practice.

We co-promote medical products covering every marketing need in the communication of the HCP’s, meeting at the same time the brands objectives.

In Vnet Marketing we acquired large and highly specialized expertise in the pharmaceutical product field covering all new technologies and trends such as tele-detailing, e-detailing, CLM, e-learning detailing, research and profiling.

We handle HCP’s in all medical practices, and we are committed in establishing truly customer-centric operating models, in the projects we undertake.

Our associates master high levels of expertise and knowledge, relating to every area of our activity. We provide unique methodologies, applying proficient tools of communication and analysis, that we have created especially for use by our customers.

Our job is to always ensure that our client gets the best possible relationship with each and every HCP customer and we take our job very seriously.