Vnet marketing pharma consulting
We provide a whole new and enhanced concept of communication processes for physicians and health care professionals.

Our strategy consists of three basic elements

  1. Create a long lasting relationship with doctors
  2. Work efficiently on every single relationship every single minute
  3. Cover every need with the most appropriate way

“Its all about giving the right thing at the right time every time.”

Create a long lasting relationship with doctors

In order to create such a relationship one has to adapt rapidly and to pumper the relationship at all times.

For this rapid adaptation to happen, one has to know very well the wants and the needs of the other party.

Πως το κάνουμεSo that’s what we do. We:

  1. profile the doctor.
  2. constantly ask questions.
  3. take the answers very seriously under consideration and, adapt.
  4. do that in an automated manner, using lots of technology.

This way we are always ahead of the needs.That means covering them at the right time, and the right way.

The best thing is … we can do that easily on any scale.

Work efficiently on every single relationship every single minute

Every relationship is a new story. Some aspects are universal some other ones unique.

And then there is this blending of human characters, needs and wants that create the puzzle.

But we have to sell the product and we must understand the puzzle every single minute of every single day.

So we use a stealth method of trial and error. Communicating, observing, and interacting.

We are in a constant interaction assessing every reaction or the luck of it, thru all of the communication channels in use.

Because for every single relationship we run an automated intelligent communication scenario that delivers the right info at the right time, in the right way, and thru the appropriate channel.

Cover every need the most appropriate way

In order to cover a need one must be aware of its existence.

That’s why we interact constantly ...

Using an organized automated contact and response scenario.

This way, the other end of the relationship feels complete and overwhelmed.

Because we create the most professional, yet friendly interaction environment in every relationship, and fulfill all the promises made to each and every one we interact with.

It’s a whole new relationship culture and we have the tools to build it and successfully develop it every time anywhere with our very specialized tools.

It takes a lot more than a CRM system to create such a relationship culture

It takes a lot more than any system to create such a culture.

It takes commitment to start and complete the process.

Strategy leading to this direction appropriate actions fulfilling the strategy and meeting the commitment and the right tools.

Our method provides all of the above and develops this special culture in any HCP segment.

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Unique profiling system

Every day all humans make choices. In order to do that they use
an evaluation system. Usually they choose what they understand best.

The evaluation system consist of three major axes.

  • Communication
  • Understanding
  • Needs

Humans constantly communicate with other humans in all shorts of different ways, in order to understand how to cover their needs, in the best possible way.

Like every other human, doctors do the same thing.

So profiling their evaluation system is what we do. With our method, using cutting edge technology in HCp’s needs evaluation system profiling.

Don’t hesitate to ask as for a presentation of our unique profiling system.